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Ataraxia: Greek term used by Pyrrho and Epicurus for a lucid state of robust tranquility, characterized by ongoing freedom from distress and worry.

Chaos: Complete disorder and confusion.
Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

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"An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t."

"All societies are pluralist. But institutions must be inclusive. That is the most important rule of democracy."


"You look angry today. Oh your period?"

When women are angry for good reasons, ignorant men’s most violent comment ever is that women have their brains in their uterus.


This makes me very angry. It carries the same sentiment that men think with their penises. This is so sexist to both genders. We are not controlled by our reproductive organs like that, When a woman is angry with something it is not because of their uterus. It is because there was a catalyst that created that reaction. When a man rapes, it is not because they think with their penis. It is because they consciously decided that they would take away someone’s rights. 

People do not think with organs, it’s time to stop saying “guys think with their dicks”, because that is not only insulting towards men, it insinuates that they are simply savages with no forethought or logic. That’s not true. Do men lack the depth to think logically? No. Men are just as smart as women and vice versa. They think with their minds. Their BRAINS control their actions. 

It’s time to stop saying “you’re just mad because you’re on your period.” Again, make us look bad because you’re saying that period controls you and you have no logical thought. Are women really not strong enough to think with their brains? If they’re mad at you, they’re mad at you. It’s very simple. It’s not (most of the time) because of their uterus. It’s because of your actions or theirs. Not because of their uterus. 

I’m so tired of the sexism from both parties. Reproductive organs are meant for mating, we don’t think with them, I argue that we’re far enough evolved to actually think with our minds. So I’m tired as hell of the “Thinking with your dick” and “you’re mad because you’re on the rag” comments. And I do have to admit, I’ve done it as well because it’s so socially acceptable, we don’t think about the meaning behind it.

People may think with their brain, it’s a scientific fact. We are influenced by organs in our body but specific organs don’t make you act a certain way. You do. You have that power, you have that logic. You were gifted with logical thought processes.  

Today is honestly the most important day of the year for me. It’s a day where I get to celebrate freedom, equality, security and so much more. It’s a day where I get to celebrate a country that has given me so much and asks me for so little. Canada is more than just a country for me, it’s a home where I know I will always be welcomed with open arms. Our food is delicious, our people are kind and our communities are welcoming. Our healthcare means that clumsy people like me get taken care of and our education system means that everyone has a chance to succeed, regardless of their financial situation. 
Canada, I love you. Happy Confederation day.

Today is honestly the most important day of the year for me. It’s a day where I get to celebrate freedom, equality, security and so much more. It’s a day where I get to celebrate a country that has given me so much and asks me for so little. Canada is more than just a country for me, it’s a home where I know I will always be welcomed with open arms. Our food is delicious, our people are kind and our communities are welcoming. Our healthcare means that clumsy people like me get taken care of and our education system means that everyone has a chance to succeed, regardless of their financial situation. 


Canada, I love you. Happy Confederation day.

Jour 12, June 27, 2013

So today was a regular day of reading some stuff about french and listening to some french music in Olivier’s class. Nothing special. Afterwards, I got to go to sleep for a bit in my room ^_^ Felt good. Felt so good.

Study day today as well where I got teachers to teach me some of the more complicated things. Boring I know, but it helps with my french! :D

Jour 11, June 26, 2013

Got our exams back today, it was super disappointing because I got a bad mark on it :| Pretty depressing actually. I also looked down at my legs today and realized that DAMN are they beaten up. They’re just torn to shreds really. Jesus :\ Today was a normal boring day. Today was a regular school day where I learned a bunch of french in the morning, but it was different in the afternoon! In the afternoon, we went out to the museums! I, of course, being the intelligent human being I am, decide that I want to go to the “science” museum. 

Wrong. Was not the science museum. Trust me.  I mean they had a lot of animals (stuffed) and some other cool mechanics, but I feel as though they did all of this specifically so that they could amuse small CHILDREN. Not adults like my friends and I. When we first got there, we were told to tell stories.  Literally how we could tell stories. Fairy tales and such.  It was fun, but I feel as though that’s only really a children’s museum because of the way that the curator actually treated us.  It was pretty cool though, because we also got a chance to actually go through how stories are made.  We then went through a “special exhibit” where we found out information about kinesiology and athletes for the special “Canada Olympics” that are happening”. Afterwards, we went upstairs to check out all the stuffed animals sections. Turns out I found my true love. The moose. :D 

There was a wicked cool touch screen table where we got to go through the whole world from the ancient ages to now. The only problem was that it was all in french and the majority of the kids there were in debutante. So.. It was difficult for them to understand and I know that because of that, a lot of them were not paying attention.

It sucked afterwards because I had kitchen duty, and being the n00b I was, I had no idea when I had to be there, so I ended up going to the kitchen for like 5 hours and watching everything.

THE ONLY THING THAT MADE IT BETTER WAS THE FACT THAT TONIGHT WAS BINGO. BINGO BUDDIES. B-I-N-G-O. It was held outside and it was actually hilarious because all our monitors were drunk and yelling :D

It was also really great because everyone had to take their chairs out to the fields to do BINGO and everyone had regular school chairs (metal with plastic) and everyone freaked when they saw mine (comfortable computer chair essentially) and they were ALL JELLY MAD. They were also confused as to where I got it and all I could say was “Dunno, was just in my room”. Which it was. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any, but FORTUNATELY, Vanessa did! YAY! :D

After Bingo, I hung out with Tudor for a bit and chilled.

Jour 10, June 25, 2013

Today was just another regular class day. Glad I wasn’t hungover though. BUT during all of class, whenever it was asked how everyone’s weekend was, people would giggle and look at me. I mean seriously. It was kind of embarrassing -_- Someone put a sign on my desk that said “alcoholic”

After school was much better though, Brielle, Tudor Vanessa and I went down to the Carrefour for the first time today and picked up some food for the next little while :D Unfortunately for me, I actually bought a lot of food, like a gigantic chicken. What’s wrong with me?!  Oh well, doesn’t matter, delicious. Today was a bit of a boring Tuesday back to class, didn’t do much. Later on, I just ended up hanging out and talking with my friends.

Day 9

Today was the first day back to school since the long weekend and may I just say GODDAMN I AM TIRED. I woke up so groggy at 7 in the morning and I was so dizzy too. Somehow I pulled my butt out of bed and went to class. Had same breakfast as always, but damn, I should stop being on the computer in the mornings because it means that I’m taking up eating time with computer -__-

Today’s class was about Passe Compose, which is something I learned already, but we also learned about something else-indirect and direct passe compose, which was interesting because it’s definitely not something I’ve heard of before. I was super ADD today though and I ended up spending most of my time playing on my phone. I think the teacher realized that I’m also bad at french. Damnit.

Lunch today was good, I had some pork chowder thing (??) and some fruits. Hung out with my friends and then got back into my room where instead of sleeping, I deicided to dick around on my computer like the dumbass I am *le sigh*.

After lunch, we went to class where we were learning about french songs with our prof, Olivier (Who apparently actually works as a server in the town and was also super drunk in Montreal, lol) The songs were in french rap and I was so … confused. Before that, we talked about our weekends (Because we had the long weekend, essentially the national holiday of Quebec, where civil servants in Ontario actually get the day off too!) And it was so embarrassing. When the word drunk or alcohol was mentioned, literally at least 5 people would look back on me and all I could do with sink in my chair or put my head down. Super embarrassing. Gurki, at my table, even wrote a little name tag for me that said “Alcoholic” and “Drunk A$$”. Yes with dollar signs. Jeeze. We went outside for a little bit, but it started raining so we had to go back inside…We worked on the computer for a little bit and I bonded with my professor when he put on “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zepplin :D

After class, Tudor, Brielle, Allison, Vanessa and I bussed to the Carrefour, which is the local mall here and we checked out JUST the Super C (which is like No Frills) and I was pretty pissed, class got out at 4:30 but everything closed at 5:30 so by the time we were done at the Super C, everything else was closed. But I did end up buying some pretty good food, yogurt, cereal, chicken, the works really. 

Afterwards, I got back and made some food, talked on skype and then hung out with Tudor and Vanessa (Which is actually always a good time) instead of going to soccer and we watched “Catch Me if you Can” and I’m super impressed. :D

Jour 9, June 24, 2013


Today I finally got to sleep in. Gosh, was so goddamned tired, woke up at around 12-1ish and then got a sheet of paper that told me that the group was going down to the beach. I decided to go with them even though I had essentially 10 mins to get ready. The beach was a nice walk to school but it was SO hot that day and I decided to wear a sweater because I’m stupid. -_- It was actually pretty fun hanging out at the beach, I got a little bit in the water, but the water was so cold, I couldn’t. It was also really bad because I spoke English away from the monitors (I actually do that all the time, haha). Ended up getting my hair done afterwards, my friend Giselle made triple braids on my head and they were GORGEOUS.

I left the beach early and went back to Residence to play some Minecraft with Tudor. He set up a server and everything, We didn’t end up playing though because I kept getting a relayed tunnel thanks to the crappy internet here.

Tudor ended up coming to my room to hang out, along with Vanessa and Brielle. We ended up going to another room and talking, enjoying each other’s company. It was a good day, though nowhere near as exciting.

Jour 8, June 23, 2013

Today we went out to do Arbre et Arbre (Tree and tree) and we went out to a small town outside of Sherbrooke (like two hours) and we went ZIPLINING! It wasn’t just ziplining though, it was also obstacle courses as well C: I did 3/4 of the courses and ended up taking a while on some of the really goddamned hard ones.

It was insanely nerve racking when I had to go on the high obstacles because of the insane height. But even with that, my fear of heights didn’t really kick in, which was super weird! I think it’s actually because I was so strapped in with so much to take care of me and make sure that I wouldn’t fall out or anything :D It was kind of bad at the start though because all the instructions were in French and a lot of the people were actually debutant (beginners) so there was this terrifying fear of them actually falling down from doing something improperly. 

After the trip, we went down to the beach at Magog where we hung out for a bit. I built a sandcastle (a really bad one) and Brielle and I ran into the water and got SOAKED. Guys legit suck, splashin’ and all that crap. It was fun hanging out and going to the beach for the first time in a long time though :) 

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed because we went back to Sherbrooke right after the trip and I had a chance to eat some food and get ready for FOR WHAT? THE BIRTHDAY OF ST. JEAN BAPTISTE! Which if you don’t know it, is a pretty big damn deal here in Quebec, way bigger than Canada day. I dressed up in all blue and ran around wearing a Quebec flag, it was pretty wonderful. I also drank a lot so .. that wasn’t so great. I was literally running around like a super hero though. At one point I decided it was a good idea to jump off a fence knee first. Yes. Such is Wendy. We (Vanessa, Brielle and I) walked down to Jacques Cartier and we hung out. At one point, Qi hui, one of the girls, took off my shirt  (YEAH.) and they made me wear a flag dress. (Funny fact, I actually got onto Texts From Last Night (TFLN) thanks to this:

At the park, there were just Hundreds (I think at LEAST a thousand) of people just hanging out being drunk, they were selling hot dogs, beaver tails, etc. There was a huge band playing as well as a gigantic fire flaming in the middle. Almost all of the monitors were there and a bunch of Explore kids who were playing volleyball.The fireworks were super beautiful. I love Jean-Baptiste day.

Jour 7, June 22, 2013

Today was the trip to Montreal! 
When we got to Montreal, I instantly knew where everything was, made me feel pretty great because I had only been to Montreal twice before.

Today was my trip to Montreal! God I was so goddamned tired when I woke up because I had little sleep, less than 6 hours to be exact because I left the club ‘early’ to catch the last 12am bus and when I got back I actually made a really good friend, we talked for hours! :D C’est tres bon!We had to wake up relatively late in comparison to regular school days, at 9:45 and we left for the 2 hour ride! I felt super bad though, because I ended up smacking my face on Vanessa’s shoulder like 100 times on the trip there. When I ended up waking up again, I was super happy because it was a beautiful view of everything! I love how pretty all the mountains in Quebec are :)

When I got on the bus, I sat with my friend Vanessa and rode on the 1H50M bus to Montreal and was pretty tired. I felt bad, I kept falling asleep every two seconds and smashing my face into Vanessa’s face x_x She thought it was funny though, so it’s all good. We parted ways at the bus station.

When we got to Montreal, I wanted to show my friends some places around Montreal so we went to Archamblant (not for long because the people I was with didn’t want to go apparently) and I bought a “mouth harp”. Pretty cool right? We then walked towards Eva-B which is legit one of my favourite places in the world and I bought myself two rings, a brownie, two sweaters and a dress! I was so happy, it was all under $20. (But I should stop spending so much). We then headed downtown, we looked at a bunch of shopping malls (they wanted to see the “brand name” designer clothes and I only wanted to see Simons because it’s available only in Quebec (Soon in Edmonton!) 

I left because it seemed like they only wanted to go shopping and I ended up meeting up with Vanessa and her friend Matt at Eva-B again. We walked up Rue Saint Laurent  and checked out the other thrift stores, but they were unfortunately closed (:((( Shouldn’t have gone to the main stores!). We headed over to the SAQ (The place where you buy alcohol in Quebec, though you can buy it at convenient stores [convenient right?] and we bought some alcohol for St. Jean-Baptiste day (Essentially Canada day for Quebec) and I GOT ID’d. WHAT THE HELL. I’VE NEVER GOTTEN ID’d before!

We got hungry so we went to LEGITIMATELY the best Poutine place in Montreal, Poutine La Banquise, (It was packed when we got there around 6) and there was a line up. I ordered myself some steak, sausage and bacon poutine (heart attack much…) and it was so good. I ordered a small and when I was finished half of it, I was super full. But I finished it because I didn’t want to waste it! When we left the restaurant, there was a line of about 40 people. Holy crap right? 

We headed over to the Distillerie where they serve AMAZING (also expensive) mixed drinks in mason jars! I loved it so much. It was super awesome, we got there around 7 and left around 10. It was so fun hanging out with Matt and Vanessa! :D Unfortunately, It was time to get on the bus (it left at 10:45) and we bussed back home at around 1. I was so goddamned tired, but I didn’t want to sleep on the bus because it was so bad so I just talked to Tor, Jonathan and Vanessa on the bus. By the time we got back, we all pretty much passed out. I know I wanted to..

Jour 6, June 21, 2013

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! Today I finally get to relax, today’s test was SURPRISINGLY easy. Hope I got a good mark..We got let out RIGHT after the exam so it was a lot of free time. In the afternoon class, we didn’t really do anything, instead we walked around the University to figure out our plan for our group project.

After class, I ate some food that I microwaved and messed around on the computer a bit. Afterwards, I went out to downtown Sherbrooke with a guy in my class and we walked around, taking pictures of the town. We both ended up getting hungry so I went to Louis’ and I grabbed a delicious salmon sandwich that ended up scalding my tongue pretty bad. Afterwards, he left and I met up with some other people and we headed down to the club (first time in a Sherbooke club) because about 80 other people in my school were going too! :D 

It was a super fun night, got drinks and hung out with some cool people. Some people were so drunk, it was kind of worrying.. I ended up having to take care of some people >_> 

Some french guy also hit on me tonight (awko tako, don’t know how to react) and he wanted to teach me french (whatever that means) but I ended up leaving early because I had to get up super early to go to Montreal tomorrow! :D

When I got back to the residence, it was pretty late, but I had some pretty damn good timing because I ended up meeting with a bunch of other people and actually made a new good friend, Vanessa! :D Good good good

Jour 5, June 20, 2013

Today was a fun day, woke up so goddamned tired and groggy. In class, it was kind of boring, but I learned a lot about the masculine and the feminine words in french. There were a few new students in the class and I think we’re chalk full now! Lunch was delicious, had some chili with potatoes and then went to my room to sleep x_x *snooore* but I shouldn’t have done it at all because I ended up falling asleep for ten minutes and then wanting to DIE from the exhaustion. Seriously. I went to sleep the night before at around 1 (I don’t remember what I was actually doing) and then headed to class. My afternoon workshop is super cool, my professor is only a couple years older than me and he looks like Thor. BUT IN FRENCH. He showed us a movie today as well as some more of his favourite Quebecois music. After wards, we went outside and did some exploring and planned for our final project where we have to make a scavenger hunt and scatter puzzles everywhere. Afterwards, we checked out the Sherbooke art gallery and as much as I do love art and creativity, I hate most of modern art. I just feel it’s lazy and unoriginal..

Going back to the residences, I made some dinner (Soup and salad) and had some yogurt with some cereal. Afterwards, I hung out in my room and watched the NEW EPISODES OF FUTURAMA! YEAH (With headphones on because I’m not supposed to speak English.)

Today is Thursday, which is the day I am allowed to speak English with the other students. I went to study and it was loud as HELL. Because English is everyone’s first language, we were all talking quickly and to our heart’s content! I ended up starting to study at around ten (we started at 7:30) by myself when everyone left the room (we had a good conversation and I met someone with a legit Canadian accent) I stayed behind and studied L’imperatif, l’adjectifs et le l’infinitif.  Got back around 12 and I AM SO READY FOR BED. X_X

Jour 4

Today was kind of a whirlwind. First day I got to be in my Intermediate II class (since they bumped me up from Intermediate I, parce que c’est a petit peu facile pour moi). I got to sit in the back with some of my friends and it turned out the class wasn’t that bad at all! It’s just kind of upsetting because a lot of the students in my group kind of talk a lot when the prof does. Lunch was good today, had some ROAST BEEF! and some dried fruits and veggies. 

Afterwards, we went to class early because we were heading down to the downtown of Sherbooke to do a scavenger hunt (in reality, we were just asking local residences what was up and looking at downtown) and damn, sherbrooke is damn pretty. It has this amazing skyline and there are trees everywhere. I didn’t realize until today, but there are two people in my class that look JUST LIKE THOR. They’re the same age too! One is my professor and the other is a student. It’s awesome. We looked at the hydro plants, the river, everything! Then we stopped to eat some poutine and it was DAMN GOOD. SO GOOD. I love Quebec’s food and culture so much. A lot of Sherbooke reminds me of Europe as well.  

We bussed back to Sherbooke and I ate some food, hung out with some friends and then come the afternoon, we had night activities!(I love them, I think they’re super fun) and today’s was the CIRCUS! The circus as in we got to play with things like the diablo, the Chinese plates, tightrope walking, etc. Turns out I am EXCELLENT at hula hooping (whoopie, put that on my resume) and terrible at most other things. By the end of the night though, I GOT THE CHINESE PLATES PERFECTLY. God. Best day ever. :D:D:D:D Tightrope walking was super scary but super fun. I was super scared of failing french so I actually studied it until 1AM today.. Ugh.. 

Jour 3

So I’m giving up on writing in french for a while because my days are so long I sometimes forget to update my blog.  Today is the first “official” day of full classes. I was in Intermediate I but I thought it was too easy for me (since I already learned most of the words) so I got switched into Intermediate II. In the afternoon, I met THOR (My professor) who introduced us to tons of new Quebecois music (that I can not remember for the life of me). He decided to take us on a tour of the University (He goes to the University of Sherbooke) and I got to see the whole campus and it was pretty cool. I saw the international student’s building and they get to rent the building for $300 a MONTH! It’s so CHEAP! Insanely so

We got out a bit earlier today so I decided to go back to my room and prepare some food. I decided to go simple and make some sweet potato fries, chicken and have some salad.  Afterwards, it was a MAD game of dodgeball.  Unfortunately, team orange (my team) lost all its matches :( and it was weird because every single time we played a different team, the rules changed! Not a problem though, everyone had fun, even if we did have less people.

What was a problem was the fact that I kept being the target for everyone (D:) because I knew how to throw the ball properly.  In 3 different times, everyone aimed for me. I swear I have never dropped down to the ground harder.